The Benefits of Orthodontics for Adults

While orthodontics is normally recommended for teenagers and children, adults can also benefit from orthodontics.

Here at Balmain Village Orthodontics in Sydney we see many patients of all ages looking to improve their smile. Many business-oriented adults come to us looking for a way to improve their appearance, especially if they never received any orthodontic treatment as a child.

Many people do not like living with crooked teeth as they feel their appearance could be much better, and it’s true that your smile can make a big difference. As you get older your career and social life also blossoms, and appearance can make a difference.

Studies have found that people with straight teeth are more likely to be hired over someone that has crooked teeth. They are also viewed as more trust-worthy and more likely to get a second date compared to their crooked-toothed counterparts. So if you have been putting off a straightening your teeth your 20’s and 30’s may be the perfect time.

Benefits of straight teeth

Straight teeth do have some benefits besides looking good. They are easier to floss and brush which means you may have a lower risk of gum disease and decay. Straight teeth are also often interpreted as a sign of positive oral health and care for your overall body image.

Crooked teeth on the other hand can cause a lot of dental problems later in life such as:

  • Jaw problems from a misaligned bite (such as TMD)
  • Premature wear and tear

There are many treatment options available to you

Adults have a lot of orthodontic treatments available to choose from. Here at Balmain Village Orthodontics in Sydney we offer:

  • Conventional braces
  • Ceramic braces
  • Self-ligating braces
  • Invisalign

Invisalign is one of the most popular orthodontic treatments for adults as the treatment is removable and barely visible. This is because the treatment uses clear aligners to straighten your teeth over time. You will swap the aligners every two weeks to progress towards a straighter smile.

Invisalign is not suitable for every patient however, so it’s important that you visit us with an open mind as we will always recommend the best solution for you.

Are you ready for a beautiful smile?