First Visit

Your first visit: every smile starts with a consultation

  • Your initial consultation allows us to meet you and discuss the nature of your concerns. This appointment is arranged to give you detailed information about the type of orthodontic treatment required and possible treatment options;
  • If standard X-rays are required to plan treatment then this fee will be covered entirely under Medicare and be supplemented with a Radiologist’s report;
  • If a second appointment is required to discuss the initial and radiographic findings, then this is provided at no additional cost. Comprehensive written reports will follow and be sent to both you and your dentist/GP/ENT surgeon or other referring health care provider;
  • We will provide a customised and individualised orthodontic treatment plan, as well as a finance plan to make orthodontic treatment affordable over an interest-free period;
  • We make sure to provide the least possible treatment for the best possible long-term outcome.

Are you ready for a beautiful smile?