Orthodontics for Teenagers

Many patients will be treated at the pubertal growth spurt or after the full eruption of the permanent teeth (these times are independent of each other and may influence treatment timing).

The most accurate and efficient way to treat any residual issues related to the bite and tooth positions is with fixed appliances (“braces”). Whilst these attachments to the teeth (braces) may look similar, individual treatments using braces varies greatly between patients, depending upon the initial presenting condition. This is also why treatment times can vary between patients.

At BVO, we understand the confidence that a beautiful smile can bring teenagers during their formative years. We also understand the issues related to achieving a confident, healthy bite in the shortest possible treatment time. Most treatments are completed between 6 and 18 months and we make all patients aware of the best ways of reducing their predicted treatment estimate.

We use only the finest orthodontic products sourced from manufacturers in North America and Europe, including the most modern and efficient appliances.

We use space-age, heat-activated wire technology which enables our patients to control the wire force for maximum comfort. These high-technology wires also reduce our treatment times compared with industry averages.

Our advanced, self-ligating braces do not need tightening as they incorporate tiny clips which apply a gentle and constant force to teeth, reducing the time between appointments and the length of time until tooth alignment is achieved. Although our modern, self-ligating braces do not need coloured ties to hold the wire in the bracket, we offer patients the choice of adding colours to their braces which can be changed at their periodic adjustment appointments.

We understand that having a choice is important and that some patients wish to make their treatment as discreet as possible. That is why we offer aesthetic options such as clear (ceramic) braces and Invisalign.

Are you ready for a beautiful smile?