Why Choose Us

Why choose BVO and what makes us different?

Dr. Kebsch provides evidence-based, world-class orthodontics and combines personal care with technical excellence. This is not your typical orthodontic practice.

Here are some of the things that set us apart as an elite orthodontic provider:

  • Custom orthodontic treatment: we treat every patient individually, one at a time, and not in an open-plan clinic with multiple operators;
  • We use the most modern and advanced orthodontic techniques/ materials, in combination with the latest evidence-based treatment methods to reduce treatment times and enhance long-term results;
  • We have a strong focus on prevention and interceptive intervention to ensure that our younger patients have a minimum of dentistry and orthodontics over a lifetime;
  • No charge following the initial consultation for children’s growth checks until they are ready to start treatment. We provide complete transparency. Everything is explained at every stage and family members are always welcome in our treatment rooms;
  • We treat every patient as an individual and devise a customised treatment plan to create the smile and bite that fits best with their unique teeth and facial form;
  • At BVO there is NO clinical delegation. Dr. Kebsch performs all aspects of treatment himself and does not delegate clinical procedures to other staff members. This means that our benchmark high standards can be consistently maintained and ideal outcomes achieved in the least amount of time;
  • BVO provides the option of interest-free payment plans for all orthodontic treatment programmes with no third party finance;
  • No costly X-rays. When required, X-rays are bulk-billed (covered) under Medicare which offers a significant financial saving as well as the piece of mind from having a report from a specialist Radiologist;
  • One location, not multiple. This means that your orthodontist is always available for you, rather than splitting time between multiple locations. This also means certainty about appointment times on days that suit you;
  • A focus on fixed retention methods that add a level of predictability to the long-term treatment results;
  • No additional retention fee for the first set of retainers;
  • No fee for two years of post-orthodontic retainer care and supervision;
  • BVO is the leading specialist provider of INVISALIGN in Sydney’s inner west. Dr. Kebsch has lectured for INVISALIGN and was amongst the first orthodontists to provide this revolutionary treatment after its introduction to Australia;
  • Efficiency – Time and effort is spent in developing individual orthodontic treatment plans to allow our patients to be in treatment for the least amount of time with the best possible outcome.
  • We place and use temporary anchorage devices (TADs). This revolutionary technology allows us to move teeth in ways that were not possible in the past. Dr. Kebsch was one of the pioneers of this advancement in orthodontic progress and uses it to obtain outcomes that could not be achieved even a decade ago.
  • BVO is a TERTIARY SURGICAL /ORTHODONTIC treatment centre that receives referrals from oral-maxillofacial and ENT surgeons , in addition to other orthodontists in NSW who do not provide combined surgical-orthodontic treatments.
  • Dr Kebsch previously trained as an oral surgeon before specialising in orthodontics (having been awarded the Faculty Fellowship medal by The Royal College of Surgeons of England) and therefore has a unique insight into the treatment of complex orthodontic cases.

We take immense pride in the quality of our outcomes and the confidence that a beautiful smile has brought to thousands of our patients over the years. We look forward to meeting you, knowing that it would be a privilege to provide you with the same beautiful result.

Are you ready for a beautiful smile?